Divorce & Separation

The breakdown of a marriage is an extremely trying time for all involved. Couples that remain on amicable terms after separation usually still require some involvement from family lawyers.

The process of obtaining a divorce is separate to that of dealing with your property settlement or making arrangements for your children.

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Children & Parenting

When you separate, determining the appropriate arrangements for your children can be difficult.

However, any arrangements that are made must be in the best interests of your children. It can often become a conflict between two parents, who both believe they are acting with the children’s best interests at heart.

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Property Settlements

Following separation, Affinitas Legal can provide you with tailored advice on your likely property entitlements, whilst providing you with various options for settlement.

Whilst some property settlements can be simple, others can be complex, and it is imperative to get comprehensive legal advice.

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Financial Agreements

Formalising the agreement, you reach with your spouse is imperative for the financial future of both parties.

Before you enter into any formal financial agreement, you should receive legal advice in respect to the proposed agreement.

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Estate Planning

A Will is a legal document that sets out how someone’s estate is to be distributed, after they pass away.

Whilst this is a topic that we often do not prioritise in our day to day lives, having a valid will is imperative to ensuring that the people we care about, are sufficiently looked after, to help secure their future.

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Other Services

We assist our clients in dealing with several Land Title ownership related matters, including:

Changing Title details following separation and/or divorce;
Changing tenancy on title from Joint Tenants to Tenants-in-Common or from Tenants-in-Common to Joint Tenants.

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Who we are

About Affinitas Legal

Affinitas Legal is a new and dynamic Perth based Family Law, and Estate Planning Law firm. We aim to assist our client’s in navigating through various legal and non-legal matters with our client’s goals and objectives always at the forefront of our practice.

Our team have worked on many complex financial and children’s cases in the Family Court and Supreme Court of Western Australia and are committed to achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

Why choose us


We are friendly and take time to understand your delicate circumstances.


We put you first and work hard to achieve a favourable resolution.


We provide honest and realistic one-on-one advice about your options.

Innovative Thinking

We harness creativity and technology to deliver the best possible outcome.


We think out of the box with a range of options and strategies for you to consider.


What our clients say



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