We are a unique team of Family Lawyers in Perth, that can provide tailored, professional Family Law advice in all Family Court matters. Our Perth Family Lawyers are experienced, and highly regarded. We predominantly deal with the Family Law Court Perth, which enables our team to provide the highest level of service and know how. Our Family Law Solicitors have the experience to handle your case efficiently with utmost sensitivity to your specific needs, and by always keeping your best interests at heart.

Our goal is to help you achieve a cost effective and peaceful resolution in all Family Law services, including divorce and separation, children and parenting, property settlements, financial agreements, enforcement and contravention applications, spousal maintenance, recovery orders, flight risks and injunctions, relocation orders, and international Family Court matters.

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Divorce &

The breakdown of a marriage, or de facto relationship is an extremely trying time for all involved. The process of obtaining a divorce is separate to that of dealing with your property settlement, financial agreement, and children and parenting matters.

When you separate, determining the appropriate arrangements for your children can be difficult. However, any arrangements that are made must be in the best interests of your children, and be consistent with section 60cc of the Family Law Act for parents of a marital relationship, and section 66c of the Family Court Act for non-married parents. It can often become a conflict between two parents, who both believe that are acting with the children’s best interests at heart. Our Perth Family Lawyers aim to provide affordable legal representation in all parenting Family Court matters.

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Property Settlements

Following divorce and separation, our Family Law Solicitors Perth can provide you with tailored advice on your likely property entitlements, whilst providing you with various options for your property settlement. The Family Law Court Perth use a four-step process to determine property settlements between married, and de-facto couples. Whilst some property settlements can be simple, others can be complex, and it is imperative to get comprehensive Family Law advice Perth.

Formalising an agreement you reach with your spouse is imperative for the financial future of both parties, and to ensure closure of Family Court Matters. Before you enter into any formal financial agreement, you should receive legal advice from a Family Law Solicitor Perth in respect to the proposed agreement. Obtaining legal advice will provide you with certainty, and peace of mind for your future.



If you have Court Orders in the Family Law Court Perth, or a Binding Financial Agreement, there are remedies available to you to enforce the Family Law Court Orders, if the other party isn’t adhering to them. This includes both financial Court Orders, and Court Orders pertaining to your children. The appropriate enforcement method will vary depending on the breaches that have occurred.

As a parent, you want to protect your child’s best interests at all times. That’s why, following separation, it’s important to reach an agreement on parenting arrangements and take measures to ensure its terms are respected – even if circumstances change. Prepare for the future by finalising your agreement with a Consent Order, a legally enforceable document that details parenting and/or property arrangements.

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Consent Orders


A recovery order is defined in the Family Law Act 1975 and the Family Court Perth can order that a child be returned to a parent of the child, a person who that child lives with or spends time with, or a person who has parental responsibility for that child.


Spousal maintenance is financial support that is paid by one party, to the other, in circumstances where they cannot adequately support themselves. Spousal maintenance is separate to that of child support and adult child maintenance. Spousal maintenance are often complex Family Court matters, and it is highly advisable that you receive specialised legal advice, tailored to your particular circumstances from our Family Law Solicitors Perth.


There are some unavoidable circumstances which may require a parent to relocate either interstate or overseas. If you relocate without the consent of the other parent, or a binding Family Law Court Perth Order, it is possible for the other parent to obtain a recovery order.

If you are concerned that the other parent may remove your children from the jurisdiction, it is imperative that you receive urgent advice from a Perth Family Lawyer. Acting swiftly in the Family Law Court Perth can often prevent unilateral relocation by one parent to jurisdictions that do not have reciprocal international agreements with Australia in dealing with non-consensual relocation.

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At Affinitas Legal, our team of dedicated Perth Family Lawyers will endeavour to provide you with upfront fixed fee costs for your legal needs. This way there are no hidden surprises. To start the process, we suggest you book a consultation with our Family Law Solicitors Perth. We charge a fixed rate of $120.00. Generally, this appointment will last for one hour, however if we go over time, rest assured, you won’t be charged any extra.

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