Who we are

About Affinitas Legal

At Affinitas Legal we take a proactive, compassionate and respectful approach to Family Law and Estate Planning in Perth.

We practice in Family Law and Estate Planning, which enables us to provide the highest level of service and know-how. Our firm exists to help you understand your legal situation, so you are empowered to make informed decisions that will protect you, your family and your future.

We have the experience to handle your case efficiently with the utmost sensitivity and your best interests at heart. Our goal is to help you achieve a cost effective and peaceful resolution so that you can move forward with your head held high.

Over the years, we have achieved successful outcomes on many complex cases in the Family Court and Supreme Court of Western Australia. So, no matter how challenging your case may be, you can trust we will stand by you to achieve the best result.

We pride ourselves on being lawyers who are authentic, approachable, transparent and put our clients at the heart of everything we do.

Who we are

Brand Development


When creating our firm logo, our vision was to create a brand symbolising that our clients are the heart of our firm.


In this design stage, the circle was placed in the centre of the “A” to demonstrate that our firm is client focused.


The addition of “you matter” aligns with our firms’ ethos. By rearranging the circle to be located on the left-hand side of the “A”, where your heart is located, symbolises that the client is the heart of our firm.



Aimee Price


Aimee is a passionate and accomplished family lawyer, with a proven track record in handling complex legal matters that achieve favourable outcomes.

Specialising in family law, Aimee is a good listener, intelligent problem solver and diligent in her approach. She will help you navigate through your options to produce the best resolution for you and your family, while minimising any financial strain.

Aimee holds a Bachelor of Law (Distinction) degree from Murdoch University, a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, and is recognised as a legal practitioner by the Supreme Court of Western Australia, and the High Court of Australia.

Her vast experience in family law and estate planning has enabled her to demonstrate high legal acumen across a broad range of family law, children’s affairs and estate planning matters, varying anywhere from quick negotiations to more complex cases at the Family Court of Western Australia.

You will find Aimee’s welcoming and supportive nature is exactly what you need to resolve your family situation and get back on track. She genuinely cares about the emotional wellbeing of her clients, and this is reinforced through the firm’s philosophy – you matter.

Kyran Borges Nunes


Kyran is an astute barrister and solicitor with a solid reputation for achieving cost effective and positive resolutions for his clients.

Specialising in family law and estate planning, Kyran is a pragmatic and strategic thinker, who takes the time to understand your sensitive situation and guide you through the legal process during your difficult time.

Kyran holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Pretoria and Murdoch University, including a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, and Legal Practice Management. He is recognised as a legal practitioner by the Supreme Court of Western Australia, and the High Court of Australia.

Kyran’s impressive legal resume includes having previously worked on complex child related matters, negotiating modest and extensive property settlements, divorces and a broad range of will and estate matters.

His approach is to always resolve matters with the client’s goals and objectives as the primary focus, with considerable success in representing clients in Family Court. Kyran was previously the co-founder of a boutique family law and estate planning practice.

Cheryl Lees


Cheryl is a dedicated third-year Law student at Murdoch University and a Paralegal at Affinitas Legal.

Having attained a double degree in Commerce and over 20 years of experience in Sales, Management and Real Estate, Cheryl brings a rich and varied skill set to Affinitas Legal.

Cheryl’s extensive life experience and empathetic nature is a perfect match for the Family Law field and she feels privileged to be developing her skills at a firm whose clients are truly the backbone of their practice.