Why do I need to formalise a property agreement

We often get asked by our family law clients whether a property agreement has to be formalised, or whether the “shake-hands” approach is sufficient. Our advice is always the former. All too often we have seen clients affected by their lack of formal agreement, often coming back to cause havoc in the months, and sometimes years after the breakdown of their relationship.

For married couples, there is a time limitation period of one (1) year after the parties divorce, to have the property aspects of the marriage finalised. For de facto couples, there is a time limitation period of two (2) years after separation. For married couples that do not divorce at the first available opportunity, the door is left open for either party to make an application for a property settlement after a significant amount of time has passed since separation.

In Australia, after the breakdown of a de-facto or married relationship, there a two (2) ways way to finalise a property settlement:

  1. By preparing Consent Orders in the Family Court of Western Australia; or
  2. By preparing a Binding Financial Agreement.

As part of the Family Law Act, parties to a Binding Financial Agreement are required to have sought independent legal advice before the agreement is binding. For Consent Orders, there is no requirement for independent legal advice.

It should also be noted that both of these options offer significant stamp duty benefits in the event that a transfer of ownership forms part of the financial agreement. Without Consent Orders, or a Binding Financial Agreement, it is likely that the parties to a property transfer, would be left with a large stamp duty debt.

A finalised property settlement also gives the parties peace of mind, and financial security in knowing that no further claim can be made by either party in the years to come. This gives you the peace of mind to move forward with your life.

At Affinitas Legal we can formalise, timely and inexpensive financial agreements, to give you peace of mind and security. For more information on financial agreements, please contact our team of Perth Family Lawyers on 08 6243 7544 for an obligation free estimate.


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